10 steps to crush your goals with Sina Haghighat

Have you set yourself goals and failed to achieve them? We set ourselves so many goals at the beginning of the year, but at the end of the year, we haven’t come close to what we set out to do!

Where do you want to be? What does success look like to you? Are your goals aligned to your WHY? Are you putting yourself outside your comfort zone to grow? We need to consider these questions when defining our goals. If you improve the way you set goals, you stand a much better chance of reaching a fulfilling destination and you will enjoy the journey along the way.

In this episode, Sina Haghighat takes you through the common reasons behind why we fail to reach our goals and outlines 10 steps to help you crush your goals. You will learn how to set effective goals and follow through on them. Being goal-oriented will enable you to have a positive approach to life and not be phased by setbacks. Goals also directly contribute to productivity and are strongly associated with success. 

This episode is the second episode of a 3-part series. In episode 3 (5 Steps to Uncover Your WHY) we went through some self-discovery to uncover your purpose. In this episode we created goals that are aligned to your purpose and in the next episode, we are going to talk about habits that we can incorporate into your daily lives to achieve your goals. At the end of the series, you should have a clear pathway to reach your full potential.